Jinna MacLaurin

As Interviewed By: Mira MacLaurin, 3/7/15
"Being aware that I was being paid less and putting up with sexual harassment at the same time did affect me. "
Jinna MacLaurin

Introductory Profile: About Jinna MacLaurin

The person I interviewed is Jinna MacLaurin, a past technical engineer. She was one of the first women to work in this field, for women weren’t quite seen as equals in the early eighties, at least in the science field. She was denied promotions, bonuses, and even jobs because of her gender. In this podcast she talks about specific stories and what she wished she had done.

Jinna MacLaurin is one of those people who you would describe as a “do no harm, but take no crap”. She’s a tough person who works hard, yet she has a sweet caring personality. She has a huge smile on her face always, and doesn’t mind going out of her way to help people. She is in her late sixties, with short bouncy curls, and a knack for surprising people with her humor. She has one son who is now grown up with two children.

This interview was one of those amazing stories of perseverance and initiative. Jinna seemed to regret not sticking up for herself more often, yet she approached this interview with confidence. She reviews specific stories from her past as a woman computer engineer, and people she looked up to in these troubling times. She was very open and happy to share, wanting to open awareness about this injustice.

Gender issues still continue to this day, but they have improved some. Many workplaces will do as little as making women feel unwelcome, and that enough is considered discrimination. Of course there are many more worse situations, such as women’s salary being affected by their gender, and even denied promotions or jobs because they are too “girly” or “not manly”. This issue has been brought to people’s attention much more frequently than in the past, through social media, celebrities, and even “average” women sticking up for themselves. One thing to remember is that even if you aren’t a woman, you can always fight for women’s equal rights.