Nayan Patel

As Interviewed by Anya Parag, on March 12, 2015
"Discrimination was almost part of the day to day culture. Although we live in 21st century, even in today’s day and age you'll find areas where there's a lot of racial tension over there and you kind of just get used to it."
Nayan Patel

Introductory Profile: About Nayan Patel

I interviewed Nayan Patel about immigrating from India to South Carolina and being discriminated. In the interview, he talked about how there was a huge language barrier so people would make fun of him about not being able to speak proper English. In South Carolina back then, there was a very closed community resulting in children not accepting other races. My dad immigrated during this time, and

In that time, it was just the culture to expect everyone to be the same, and make fun of anyone who wasn’t like that. In the interview, he sounded like he understood that, so he wasn’t bitter about being bullied. He looks back on it reflectively. “ In hindsight, that kind of worked out in my favor- I didn’t even know what they were talking about.” He was born in India in January of 1974, and lived there 16 years of his life. He has black hair and brown eyes, and is about 5’8.

He was positive throughout the interview, looking at why the bullies did what they did. He also, like I said earlier, understands that no one was different, and if you were, you were picked on. It was just those kids' way of life. The mood is light and reflective. He was thinking a lot during the interview, about how to phrase his comments on his past.

In conclusion, the interview was positive, reflective about why the bullies would do such things, and also thoughtful on his english skills.