Guillermina Ayala

As Interviewed by: Adelynn L, on April 5, 2015
"I just feel like here in the United States, it's more transparent, that people do more, and people get involved more, in order to help others."
Guillermina Ayala

Introductory Profile: About Guillermina Ayala

Guillermina Ayala talks about social injustice in Mexico compared to America. In her opinion, although both countries have justice issues, Mexico has a harder time working together to help others. She believes that we are all human and animals, and social injustice can happen, but America works better together to prevent that.

Guillermina Ayala was born in Mexico. She lived there for 22 years, until she moved to America. Her Mexican heritage shows through her dark eyes and hair, along with her rich accent. In the US, Guillermina learned English and attended UT. She began working at Gap as a cashier and now works in management. She is 33 years old.

In this interview, the mood relates to how bad things happen but we can come together to help fix them. While listening to the interview, you can hear Guillermina Ayala’s accent, an important part of the country she was born in that she took with her. Her tone is very calm and relaxed as she talks about social injustice directed at her.

My interviewee states that “we’re all humans, we’re all animals,” identifying that social injustice happens. But, in her opinion, America has a better way of handling it than Mexico does due to the advantage of social media that Mexico didn’t have while she was growing up. But, both countries still have work to do in reducing social injustice.