Jill Leuzinger

As Interviewed by Joshua Shear, March 22, 2015
"I think it’s wrong. I think it’s just out of ignorance. I just think that it’s a matter of power and it’s a matter of being a minority in a world that just doesn’t understand. They can’t understand, they haven’t lived it."
Jill Leuzinger

Introductory Profile: About Jill L.

My neighbor and friend across the street has a parent, Jill, who is gay. I know her because I go over to his house all the time. It is hard to remember exactly when I first met her, because it feels like her family has always been a part of my life. She has made it a habit of being nice to everyone she meets.

Jill is originally from Wichita Falls, a town much smaller than ours up in north Texas, and she moved to Austin to attend school and to find a more accepting community for her lifestyle. She has three children whom she cares for on her own. She has been in several gay relationships, but never married. It bothers her that she couldn’t get married if she wanted to, but she doesn’t let that interrupt her life. She refers to herself not as anti-anti-gay, but pro-gay (which means she doesn’t protest, she goes to gay pride parades).

She was polite, and carefully answered my questions about a fairly personal subject. She made it clear to me; she’s a person more concerned with her immediate issues of work and being a mother, rather than doing things towards attaining equal rights. To Jill, living a good life and raising good children is her contribution to gay rights. She hopes to be a personal example that gay people are normal, good people with the same concerns as anyone else.

I was incredibly surprised by her openness with me. She gave serious answers to my questions. I feel proud to know her, and I hope that her story can help others see that a gay person can live the same life as anyone else; however, they are not afforded the same rights as most of the rest of us.

The podcast I made concentrates on her discussion of her concerns about her children, raising a family as a gay parent. I hope you enjoy it.