Scherry Johnson

As Interviewed by Jimmy Walker, 3/28/15
"It's all about fairness, whats fair. It didn't seem fair to me that just because your female you couldn't do thing that men were encouraged to do."
Scherry Johnson

Introductory Profile: About Scherry Johnson

Scherry Johnson is all about independence and equality. She is very strong independent minded and when she wants to do something she doesn’t stop until its done. So I think the interview reflects this mind set. She is very confident that woman are being treated bad and is dedicated to accomplishing her goal.

Scherry grew up in Texas and has lived here all her life. Like I said she has a very unique personality. Her physical features are also unforgetable. She has curly red hair and even though she is 70 she is very fit.

During the interview Scherry is very confident. She is good at speeches and emphasizing word and phrases that are important. She backs up her argument with her personal experiences with women's injustice which makes disagreeing with her very hard. So she is very convincing.

Scherry is very convincing with the way she use real life examples. She is all about the idea of independence and everyone having the same opportunities. Scherry is a very interesting character.