Leo Lalla and Bret cunningham

As Interviewed by Jacob M., on March 17, 2015
"Just this year, three months ago my company now offers domestic/partner insurance."
Leo Lalla and Bret cunningham

Introductory Profile: About Leo Lalla and Brett Cunningham

Leo Lalla and Brett Cunningham talk about Gay rights in different countries and how they feel a lot more comfortable about the increase in gay rights. Leo and Brett have not been open about themselves until recently when laws got better because they feared getting hurt or beat up.

Brett is a very tall man (6’3) while Leo is around a average height (5’10). Brett is a very strategical man and will think situations out. Leo is a very humorous man and can make a joke in almost any situation. Brett was born in Austin, Texas while Brett was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. They have Traveled to many different countries all over Asia and Europe.

Leo and Brett were very calm during this interview and did not freeze up. They responded to every question I asked and were very helpful.

Leo and Brett feel the trend for gay rights is getting better in the work world with insurance rights and many other things.