Lara O'Toole and Denise Hendlmyer

MItchell S., March 19, 2015
"I never use the term homosexual. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it just seems scientific."
Lara O'Toole and Denise Hendlmyer

Introductory Profile: About Denise Hendlmyer and Lara O'Toole

Denise Hendlmyer and Lara O’Toole are a married lesbian couple living in Austin, Texas. They moved here from the East Coast.

Lara is 34-years-old. She is a program director for a non-profit. Lara was raised on the East Coast and has lived in Austin for over eight years.

Denise is 34-years-old. She was raised in Houston and has lived here for eight years. Denise works at a therapeutic children’s clinic.