Beverly Reeves

As Interviewed by Isaac S, March 7, 2015
"One of the greatest compliments a lawyer paid me several years ago was to say, ‘You know Bev, you’re such a nice, sweet girl, and you do so much good in the community, I didn’t even know the knife was in my back until you pulled it out.’ And I said to him ‘Thank you.’"
Beverly Reeves

Introductory Profile: About Beverly Reeves

This is an interview with Beverly Reeves, a one of my father’s co workers. Beverly is a lawyer who grew up in Florida in the '60s and '70s, and directly experienced racism and hardship. She has been fighting for social justice ever since. She is a compassionate woman, but strives hard to achieve her goals. She did smaller things as a kid and in high school and college, working to raise money for good causes and help in any way she could. More recently, she has been working to help people as a lawyer, organizer and fundraiser.

Some of her specific work includes a playing role in the first same-sex marriage in Texas, which is the focus of this podcast, and helping people who cannot defend themselves, such as protecting people who don’t speak English from exploitation and similar such cases. - her father killed himself when she was nine. She has helped hundreds of people, all for good causes. Beverly has likely done more to help other people than anyone else I may ever meet.