Christine Henry Andresen

Interviewed by Molly Broughton, March 24, 2015
"I don't know if I'd call myself an activist, I just sort of feel like I'm quietly accomplishing micro things for a bunch of different people. I don't know if that counts as activism but it's fun."
Christine Henry Andresen

Introductory Profile: About Christine Henry Andresen

For my interview, I interviewed Christine Henry Andresen, a family law attorney who runs the company CHA law group. The family law she specializes in is working with lesbian couples looking to adopt, make estate plans, divorce, or anything under the Family Law umbrella.

I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Andresen through Megan Frederick, a friend of my mother's. I then set up an appointment to meet with her and interview her about the clients she works with, the issues they face, and what she does to help lesbians plan their family life.

In the interview, we cover how Ms. Andresen took interest in family law, her opinions on LGBT rights in Texas, and in general, family law, and important events that have happened recently regarding LGBT rights. Unfortunately, a lot of things are cut in the podcast, but if you look through the Edited Transcript, you will find a lot of interesting topics and issues in modern day Social Justice. In the podcast, Andresen talks about how family law works and the most accepting fields of work to lesbians and other LGBT people.