Joan R. Baskin

As Interviewed by B. Baskin, March 23, 2015
"We had the best education you could ever find anywhere in the public schools of Texas. And this changed when women could be doctors, lawyers, and CEOs or whatever else. We now have them as presidents of major companies."
Joan R. Baskin

Introductory Profile: About Joan R. Baskin

My Grandmother, Joan Ragsdale Baskin, is an education advocate. She's worked with UT (The University of Texas), MISD (Midland Independent School District), GISD (Galveston Independent School District), and so many other organizations you couldn't count them. Her husband, Judge Pat Baskin, had had a stake in the desegregation of Midland schools, so she has had firsthand experience in these sort of situations. She has also been around long enough to know things that people who will be around that long should know.

She was born in 1931 in Galveston, Texas. She married the future District Court Judge of Midland. She had four children between 1954-1966. In 1968, her husband was elected to the City Council. in 1972, he unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Midland. For eight years, he acted as a lawyer, until 1980, when he was elected Judge of the 142nd State District Court in Midland.

Grandmommy has been a blessing to me since I was born. I would like to thank her and everyone else who supported me through this interview process.