R.S. Interviewing Rala Stone on women rights

, 3-21-15
"There were young people, old people, people of different races, and they had all come . . ."
R.S. Interviewing Rala Stone on women rights

Introductory Profile: About Rala Stone

My interviewee was Rala Stone. Rala Stone has worked at a school for the deaf and is now retired. She has traveled around the world to many places including Israel, Canada, and many other places. Rala Stone is my grandmother, and lives currently in Washington, D.C. She is a very sweet, and loving person. She is always very happy and is very nice to be around.

She talked to me about her experience of marching for womens’ rights, what it meant for her, and what it was like seeing all these people come out of their homes to protest for what they think is right. The main topic of the march was protesting for the right of having an abortion, and Rala thought that people should have the right to have an abortion whether or not they are rich. I think this is a serious topic, and I am glad that now women do indeed have the right to have a safe abortion no matter how much resources they have.