Tony Shi

As Interviewed by Madelene Shi, March 23, 2015
"I was waiting outside the restaurant and suddenly, a pickup truck pulled over and stopped right in front of me. Kids opened the window and yelled at me, 'Why dont you go back to Asia!' "
Tony Shi

Introductory Profile: About Tony Shi

I interviewed Tony Shi, my dad about his incidents dealing with racism and discrimination when immigrating to America. Tony came to America after getting his bachelorís degree, but was unfortunately very poor. From the start, he was continuously treated incompetently by people in the University he attended and a lot of times while he began to work in America. Tony and I sat down to discuss his previous experiences when immigrating to the U.S. He shared with me many of his stories of the times he has been discriminated and information about what life was like in America in the 1980ís.

Tony is a tall man, standing at 5í10 with jet black hair. He has dark brown eyes, peachy colored skin, and a pair of round spectacles. He is a very kind and happy man who always has a sense of humor. Tony was born in 1962, and lived in Shanghai for most of his school years, but immigrated to America in 1986 where he got his masters degree at the University of Oklahoma. Today, he lives in Austin, Texas with his lovely wife and two kids.

The tone of this interview was mostly calm and relaxed but was very shocking at some places. Tony was very serious at moments during the interview, but overall, he was very honest and open when talking about his past. It was very interesting and surprising at the same time to hear that he was treated so awfully. Over the years, racism has definitely improved greatly. I enjoyed interviewing Mr.Shi, I learned that life was definitely not easy back then for people like him coming to the U.S.