Les Bryant

As Interviewed by Rigel Sidhipong, March 15, 2015
"War never solves anything."
Les Bryant

Introductory Profile: About Les Bryant

My interviewee was my grandfather. Over the years, he would tell us stories about serving in the Korean War. I was always interested in what he had to say. He is currently 84 and is a stock manager. Before the war he worked as a dance teacher. He is a serious, brooding man, but he is a risk taker. He likes to play pool and despite his age, he is quite athletic. He believes that you can only make yourself better if you put yourself to it.

Some topics we discussed were his tour, prior training, and his life back home. We also talked about how it ended up affecting his life in the long run. The overall tone was quite serious, and his presentation was to the point. There were moments when I asked him to recall his tour in which his voice would fall and he would sound quite sad or solemn.