Tanya Voss

As Interviewed by Cade Marriott-Voss, on April 14, 2015
"Humanity is capable of beautiful things and terrible things, and one of the terrible things about humanity is that, as a whole, we continue to discriminate."
Tanya Voss

Introductory Profile: About Tanya Voss

Tanya Voss is a lesbian parent who had troubles growing up because of this. People would constantly discriminate, even in the most key situations. Her own parents and brothers pretended she simply did not exist. From countless marches for the LGBTQ community to painful struggles with the Methodist church, she has had as much an influence on gay and lesbian rights as they have on her.

Tanya is an ordinary person. She has short, dark brown hair and blue-green-grey eyes. She has a sense of humor and is kind and cheerful, not to mention my loving and caring mother. You wouldn’t think negatively about her at all. Well, no one really did until they discovered she was gay. One day she’s caring and fun, but the next day she’s a sin, an offense to the human race. Where did all her good traits go? At least, this is how society viewed her. How would you feel if the world suddenly rejected, abandoned, excluded you simply because you had no choice but to be the slightest bit different? She has always been an incredible person, and she thinks that people should realize that difference isn’t bad.