Amanda Corbett

As interviewed by Chance Reeve, March 20, 2015
"When you look at where we were at fifty years ago against now, it’s come very very far, and I think that’ll probably continue as our culture starts to expect different things and different ways, like women being leaders in companies or things like that, that we’ll get there...But we're not there yet. "
Amanda Corbett

Introductory Profile: About Amanda Corbett

I interviewed Amanda Corbett. Amanda Corbett is a woman in her early thirties. She is an Aunt and soon to be a mother. She works high up in the Walgreen's scale, she manages trade in produce with other companies.

Amanda has a very likable personality, and is very determined. She never let's anything stop her, including gender inequality. She is tall, has blonde hair, and grew up in North Carolina with her two sisters. Nowadays, she lives in Illinois with her husband (Tim Corbett) and puppy, Molly.

The mood of this interview was very relaxed. Mrs. Corbett seemed eager to put her thoughts out there, but not exactly sure how to word them. She seemed very calm and wasn't worried about what others thought of her opinions. She seemed sure that women's rights would only improve.

Amanda Corbett was a great person to interview on women's rights and gender inequality. She is a hard worker, and that is shown through her work. She is pregnant, and soon to have her first child. Most importantly, she's a woman who's had to go through the inequality!