Julian Chang

As Interviewed by Aidan Chang, March 22, 2015
"There is still continual prejudice out there, and I donít think itís on purpose. Itís just that it seems like Asian-Americans are viewed differently than other minorities in the U.S."
Julian Chang

Introductory Profile: About Julian Chang

My dad, Julian Chang, was born in Taiwan in 1969. He has one younger sister. He moved to Kentucky in 1975, when he was 6 years-old, for his fatherís education. He is now 43 years-old, living in Austin. He is about 5í6Ē, with short, black hair. As I sit across the coffee table from him, he is serious-face, and solemn as he opens up about his memories.

During the interview, we talked about his youth in America and how life was as an immigrant from Taiwan. He and his family were discriminated against as most minorities were in the Ď70s. He and his parents struggled to pay bills because they were denied jobs and college scholarships. Throughout his school years, he was made fun of and stolen from. The interview was mostly serious, and for me it was relatable.