Seth W, March 14, 2015
"There is no right way to be a person."

Introductory Profile: Debbie and LGBT rights

From a very young age Debbie knew that she was different. She had never been optimistic about dating boys. When, she realized that she was in love with a female, she did not understand her feelings and had to label them as, “Same sex attraction.” She had not yet experienced anything like this in her life.

Currently she is in Copenhagen, Denmark with her wife Tina, her step-son Victor and adopted son Rion. She has surrounded herself with supportive friends that support her and her sexual orientation. Debbie decided to approach a career of Psychology. being a psychologist she has learned how to handle the people that are against homosexuals. She hardly faces any trouble now, that she is in Denmark where Gays and Lesbians are very accepted.

In the audio, you will hear a part of Debbie’s struggle and her story. She has always been hopeful that changes in US law will continue, for the rights of homosexuals. Meanwhile, she understands the people that are anti-homosexual, but disagrees with them and always remembers that there is nothing wrong with her sexual orientation.

Debbie is now happily wed in Denmark. There she is no longer mistreated due to her sexual orientation.