Anne Hansen

As interviewed by Gabe Price, March 23, 2015
"We’ve made a lot of strides in increasing the number of women in science, in the life sciences in particular."
Anne Hansen

Introductory Profile: About Anne Hansen

Katie Hansen is a professor at The University of Texas at Austin. She teaches and does research in biology. This interview is very light and funny at some parts, but also very serious at times. While women have come a long way in many fields of science, there are still some issues. Such as being paid less to do the same job, or just the fact that there are less women in the science field. She says that things are changing now, in that the life sciences departments are starting to gain more people.

Katie is about 5 feet 7 inches. she has dark brown hair and is always really nice and ready to have a laugh. She was born in Fremont, Nebraska and has three brothers. She was always hard working and that is why she got her PHD in biology and science. She then moved to Austin, Texas and took a position as a teacher at the University of Texas. She has two sons, ages 13 and 10. Her Husband, Mark Price, is from England and works as a software designer.

The overall mode of this interview is very light. Katie talks about how having a community of women to act as a support system made everything much easier and more fun and that this is really the key to getting more women to choose science as a career.

Overall women in the science field are becoming a lot more common, but Katie still thinks that there are still along way to go to go. Universities are working hard to recruit and keep more women scientists.