Robert C.

As Interviewed by Juan Ceresa, March 2015
"I was born in Cuba, and this is the first time I have left Cuba, so I have lived there for my whole life. My childhood in Cuba was like any other childhood in Cuba, an education that was strictly controlled, that was heavily influenced with politics. This was not unusual with his generation, those who were raised out of the 1970ís. "
Robert C.

Introductory Profile: About Robert C.

My interviewees name is Robert C. and he doesn't agree with the political ideals of the Cuban government. He wishes that the Cuban people were not oppressed by the Cuban government, and people in Cuba had more rights. This is his story of life in Cuba, and what he had to go through when he lived there.

Robert is an easy going guy with a great personality. He is funny and is always wearing a smile on his face. Like the interview says, he was born in Cuba, and has lived there for his whole life up until coming to the U.S. The interview explains Roberts struggle with the Cuban government and also with moving to the US.

I think the interview went really well. Robert explained things very well, and the interview went smoothly. Robert has a soft voice at time in the interview, but he is still heard well. The questions I chose to ask Robert got most of the interesting stories that Robert had to tell.

Robert has his own opinions about the Cuban government, he explained his life in cuba and went over what he and to go though and witness. Overall, Robert was an outstanding interviewee and I learned a lot. I would definitely want to learn more about Cuba and the people that live there.