Isabel Alejandra Hamlet

As Interviewed by Abby Rindfuss, March 13, 2015
"Its this dichotomy, like I am Mexican, and I still cook Mexican, and we speak Spanish in the house, and we do all these things that are very Mexican, but I am an American because this is where I can vote- I am part of this community."
Isabel Alejandra Hamlet

Introductory Profile: About Isabel Alejandra Hamlet

Ale is a stay at home mom, and lives in Austin, Texas. My family came to meet theirs through Dell Computers- My dad and Ale worked together. She is a Mexican immigrant who immigrated to the US to study, attended Illinois State University, then moved To Texas.

In this interview, Ale briefly addresses the green card and getting a citizenship, how she came to the US, and how she’s been in the US in every immigration status. She also shares with us prejudices and injustices experienced in college, and how Americans were treated different than Hispanics, uniquely through her experience at bars. This interview also covers the topic of Mexican workers, and the struggle of not being able to speak English, which can be shown in everyday occurrences, especially at restaurants or grocery stores, where people try to order food or pay for goods.

Through these couple stories, it is shown that Mexican immigrants struggled socially, through work, language, and looks.