Margaret DeMoss

As Interviewed by Isabella DeMoss, March 20, 2015
"It was the center of all the hatred and the marches..."
Margaret DeMoss

Introductory Profile: About Margaret DeMoss

My Interviewee’s name is Margret Willburn Demoss. I came to know her because she is my paternal grandmother. She is 68 years old, born in Houston Texas. She has two scientific degrees and has a good education. She belongs to a Christian church and is a part of many volunteer groups. She is a white female, and is against racism and advocates for women’s rights. Margret cares a lot about her community and bettering the lives of others. She always likes to do the right thing.

In this interview, we talked about racism in the south in the 50’s and 60’s, we also talked about gender based discrimination in those times. Another thing we spoke over was religion based discrimination, and poverty. I feel this interview was conducted well. I also learned a lot about the civil rights era. The tone was somewhat shocking, hearing about her experiences and stories from other people. Overall, I feel like this was a very successful interview.