Robert Tran

As Interviewed by Nicholas B, March 13, 2015
"Just to let you know, USA is the best country in the world."
Robert Tran

Introductory Profile: About Robert Tran

Robert Tran, my interviewee, was born in Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City) in 1964. He left Vietnam with his family in 1978 to escape the Communists. I know him because my older sister, Meghan, is currently dating his son, Cody. Robert Tran is a very happy and joyful man, who was very cooperative during the interview and the scheduling for it. He is also a very smart and aware man -- he could recall so many of his experiences, even though they took place when he was in his early teens. He loved to laugh, but he also had the capability to talk about more serious topics which made the interview more meaningful.

The interview covered Robert Tranís life during and after the Vietnam War. He told of how he escaped Vietnam and how he viewed coming to the USA. Despite having so much concentration and detail, Robert Tran constantly made the interview fun and information-filled at the same time.