Deliana Garcia

As Interviewed By Eli Walther, March 16, 2014
"I think that the smartest thing that has ever been told to me is that water ducks back. This means even if people are being mean and/or unfair in life you can't let it faze you, you have to keep fighting for what is right"
Deliana Garcia

Introductory Profile: About Deliana Garcia

The Issue of social justice that a director of The Migrants Clinicians Network, Deliana Garcia, works on is healthcare for migrants. It is hard to get health care to migrants because some are undocumented and others are moving around all the time and canít stay at one organization the whole time. Deliana Garcia Grew up in a juguete school she said that is a big part of her wanting to help people.

Deliana Garcia is a very smart person, she seems to think about everything she says before she says it and makes very smart comments. Deliana Garcia is a nice and respectable person and it sounds like she works very hard. She grew up with a mostly female christian community, but later in life she converted to judaism.

Deliana didnít seem mad or sad or anything so dramatic because of course she is not a victim she is the upstander. She just seemed very thoughtful and it seemed like she wanted to do what was best for the migrants. She came up with an idea around 20 years ago that would help migrants that move. She would make a project where migrants that move around always have health care they would call the health care providers and they would give the migrants weekly checkups.

Deliana Garcia the director of an organization that helps migrants get health care is a very smart and nice person. She tries to do what is best for the migrants. She works very hard and thinks that all migrants should be able to get health care and that healthcare should be a right not a privilege.