Vinai R.

As Interviewed by Maddy Pollack, on March 22, 2015
"Even if they look different, they speak different, most people are good people."
Vinai R.

Introductory Profile: About Vinai R.

My interviewee was Vinai R. Vinai immigrated to the United States from Thailand in the late 1960s. He had mostly positive experiences as an immigrant and believes that outward appearances aside, we are all people.

Vinai is a senior. He is tall, Asian, and wears reading glasses. He is a lighthearted person and was very knowledgeable on every topic we discussed. Vinai was born on March 20, 1942, in Rayong, Thailand. Rayong is a coastal town in Eastern Thailand. He had twelve siblings growing up. Vinaiís father emigrated from China to Thailand because of famine. His mother was born in Sriracha, Thailand. Vinai finished high school and medical school in Bangkok, Thailand. He came to the United States when he was 27 for further education and became an OB BYN. His wife grew up in Thailand. They had three children together. Vinai is now retired and resides in Fredericktown, Missouri.

I interviewed Vinai about his experience as an immigrant. He was positive throughout the duration of the interview. He had a lot to say on everything I asked him about. Whenever I didnít know what he was talking about, he explained it, which made the interview very educational. Vinai sometimes laughed after making a joke. He seemed to enjoy reflecting on his life.

Vinai is a very intelligent man. He didnít want to say anything negative. Vinai was really interesting to talk to. My interview went smoothly and he was extremely polite. He recalled much of his experience when training to become a doctor and first coming to the United States.