Bhupen A.

As Interviewed by Avik A., March 21, 2015
"I remember the last week when I was in India. I was thinking, will I ever see this environment again, those friends and neighbors I pretty much grew up with? That never happened. Time doesn't stop for anybody. "
Bhupen A.

Introductory Profile: About Bhupen A.

I interviewed Bhupen A., my father and role model. He has black hair and dark skin color. He was born in India and came to the US about 30 years ago a-- he had to start all over in his education and make a life from just 20 dollars. In 1994 he brought his wife to Texas. He is a software engineer who has worked for many different companies.

We discussed differences in life, racism, roadblocks in immigration and old memories of India. He has very fond memories of living in India. When we talked about his immigration I realized how hard he had to work to get to America. This probably gave him the personality he has today. He was put under immense pressure to get good grades and do well in college in order to achieve his dreams.

I learned many things about Bhupen Ahuja. I learned that he was born and lived in India for twenty years before coming to the United States in 1985. He is not sure that he made the right choices, but still works hard to support his family. To his two sons. Even though he is not sure about his choices, he does know that he is happy and content with what he is today.