Beryl Knifton

As Interviewed by Sophie K., March 20, 2015
"I think wherever there’s a case where two people want to live together, take care of each other, and support each other, I don’t see how that could be bad for anyone."
Beryl Knifton

Introductory Profile: About Beryl Knifton

Beryl Knifton was born on June 4th, 1942 in Stockport, Manchester, England. She grew up with a sister, who is two years older than her. Her mom was English, and her dad was Scottish.

She went to school in England, and when she was older, became a school teacher. After she graduated, she met John Knifton, fell in love, and married him. In 1964, John was relocated to New York for work. So the newlyweds moved to Poughkeepsie, New York. There, my dad and aunt were born. Beryl was at first an English teacher, and after only two years teaching English, she became a drama teacher.

In 1976, she moved again to Austin, Texas for her husband’s work. There she became the full time drama teacher at Westwood High School. She retired from her job in 2009, but she still guest-directs once a year at McCallum High School.