Defen Chen

As interviewed by Crystal Zhou, February 11, 2016
"When somebody mentioned the Japanese, people knew that they were invaders and that they took advantage of the Chinese people."
Defen Chen

Introductory Profile: About Defen Chen

My interviewee is Defen Chen. She is 71 years old. She was born in 1945. She has many, many, many siblings. Mrs. Chen is my motherís mother which means she is my grandma. She was born and raised in Chengdu, China. Mrs. Chen is very nice and happy all the time. She likes to talk and learn English. She is a great cook and eating at her place is awesome. Mrs. Chen is also always in a great mood.

During my interview with Defen Chen, we covered the aftermath of WW2, the Civil War, and the Korean War. She said that there was never enough food on the table because of the many children in her family and lack of food everywhere. After WW2, when someone talked about the Japanese, they would identify them as invaders that took advantage of the Chinese people. The Civil War was harsh on the economy and made the lack of food grow stronger. There was also not enough clothing for the winter time, so they spent a lot of winter being cold. There was even a time during the Korean War when the Communist government told everyone to give them their metal so they could make them into tanks. It didnít work out the way they planned because when they melted all the metal, they realized that it wouldnít work because all the metals were different. This affected the lives of the citizens because there were no pots and pans, spoons and forks. None of the basic things you need to cook and eat with. Overall, the interview was a bit dark and not very fun to talk about. But it was very informational and I learned a lot.