Lois Fingerman

As interviewed by Lillian Yeazell, March 13, 2016
"Some of the Jewish experiences were wonderful and some of them were very frightening."
Lois Fingerman

Introductory Profile: About Lois Fingerman

My interviewee, Lois Betty London Fingerman, moved to Texas in 1962 at the age of 24 because her husband was drafted and stationed at Fort Hood. She is now 77. She is my grandmother, and she is Jewish. Lois was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1938. She was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts which is in the Boston area. She attended Brookline high school and then Boston University. Two days after graduation she married Louis Henry Fingerman. He was drafted into the army just after graduating from medical school, and was stationed at Fort Hood. She moved along with him and their 9 month old daughter, Daryll. While she was in Texas she gave birth to a second child.

During this interview, she discussed religious discrimination and segregation. She also discussed ways that Texas then differed from Boston then, and from Texas now. She talked about sources of entertainment, and driving to Austin to see movies. She also talked about how moving to Texas affected her life plans. I learned a lot about religious discrimination and segregation, and I hope by listening to this interview you do too.