Teresa Santh

As interviewed by Elena Keitt, March 19 2016
"All over the world people need to have their rights respected. Thats basic for a human being."
Teresa Santh

Introductory Profile: About Teresa Santh

I met Teresa when I went with my mom to meet my uncle in law’s family at a get together. Teresa was born in Spain on November 20 1945. Her two parents were also from Spain and fought in the Spanish Civil War. Teresa has a warm personality and a very kind heart. Her eyes are greenish blue and she has short white hair. Teresa loves to laugh and enjoys talking with people.

The interview I conducted was about what social injustices happened during the Spanish Civil War and postwar. She explained to me how her family was on the run from Franco’s people. The interview had a light tone at some points and was more serious at other times. Overall the interview was about the injustices that happened in war in the past and how we need to fix these injustices so they don't continue to happen.