Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee, 3/18/16
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
Gabriel K. Tsang

Introductory Profile: About Gabriel K. Tsang

I, Zachary L., interviewed my grandpa, Gabriel K. Tsang, about his life growing up in Communist China, and his journey of escaping to Hong Kong. He had 10 brothers, 4 of which have now passed away. He has travelled as a missionary for 36 years with my grandma. He now has nine grandchildren. He now lives in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 75 with my grandmother. He travels to Hong Kong, Austin, Toronto and many other places to visit family.

During the interview, he talks about how he escaped from China, what help he had, and how it affected him as person. He talks about how the only thing he feels saved him is grace. His hardships shaped his personality and thoughts about life. His home was taken when he was 7-10 years old, and he left his family and home when he was around 19 years old. I think that his journey is a story worth listening to.