Sheila Rose Edelmann

As Interviewed by Mikayla Colletti, March 23, 2011
"I cried reading the book because of the recognition of somebody else putting down on paper what I had been feeling. What I had been feeling was, 'Is this all there is? Being a good mother, a good wife, a good party giver; is this all there is?'"
Sheila Rose Edelmann

Introductory Profile: About Shelia R. Edelmann

Shelia R. Edelmann grew up in a segregated and sexist town. Many of the women did not understand that they were being discriminated against because it was a way of life, but she did. She always did. Her story tells of this knowledge and the ignorance of women today, and it is awe-inspiring. Why was it okay for women to be behind men if their talents were just as good or even better? Why was this accepted? All this and more was explained in her life.

Shelia is a great wife, mother, and grandma. She wears a red or pink lipstick 24/7. When she drinks coffee, which she does on a regular basis, she leaves a mark on the cup. She enjoys doing word puzzles. Shelia is a wonderful story teller, and every always looks forward to hearing new ones. She has a good sense of humor, loves to talk, and loves her family.

Shelia has short blond hair. Shelia is a 73 year old living in serene Florida. She is about 5’4’ and is heavy set. She goes by Mom-Mom. She has been divorced and remarried. She has a medium voice tone. Her sisters are named Mary Ann and Vicky.

The overall feeling of this interview is girl power and individuality. When Shelia talked she seemed mostly understanding. I think she was glad to be telling someone about women’s rights. When the last question was asked, she seemed vaguely annoyed. I’m not sure if the emotion came from the question or women themselves.