Nidhi Gupta

As interviewed by Kashvi L, March 31st, 2016
"This really cheated me into thinking that I really wish that I was from the American origin and I was born here. "
Nidhi Gupta

Introductory Profile: About Nidhi Gupta

I Interviewed Nidhi Gupta about immigrating from India to Texas and the religious discrimination during this process. During the interview we talked about the college experience and many times how being Indian did not give you the same rights as everyone else. We also discussed the process of coming to the United States. Ms. Gupta is tall, has dark brown hair and eyes. Ms. Gupta has an energetic laugh. The way I know Ms. Gupta is my dad works with Ms. Gupta at HHSC (Health and Human Services Commision).

The interview was a very comfortable atmosphere. My interviewee was very open and relaxed telling me about her work and how she has felt religious discrimination. The tone of the interview was calm and pleasant, other times it was energetic. It was serious but not intense. Ms. Gupta spoke with lots of excitement about her past. She shone a light for me on the importance of having a sibling if a friend to guide you through the immigration process. Overall, the interview was light and comfortable, but opening in many different areas.

In this interview, Nidhi Gupta describes her experience with racism. She discusses the type of questions she has been asked, how everyone's actions affect her, the solution to discrimination. Her personal stories bring in new ideas to racism and provide new perspectives for everyone to think about. Nidhi enjoyed her time as she reflects back on all of her past memories relating to immigration and discrimination .