Yasmeen Tizani

as interviewed by Laila Tousson, March 14, 2016
"It's kind of offensive when people are surprised that you're just normal."
Yasmeen Tizani

Introductory Profile: About Yasmeen Tizani

I interviewed Yasmeen Tizani. She’s 18, and she has a Syrian mother and a Lebanese father. She has three siblings -- a teenage brother and a twin brother and sister in fifth grade. She was born in 1997 in California. She’s in her first year of college at Texas Tech. Yasmeen wants to be an architect, and she enjoys drawing. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she’s Muslim?

I met Yasmeen when our parents met and became close friends. I was a little bit younger when I first met her, and since I was a weird shy kid, we didn’t talk as much as we do now. I guess Yasmeen is now my role model because my mom will always be like, “Oh yeah, look how smart and pretty and great Yasmeen is” and I totally agree with her until she says “Why can’t you be like that?”

I decided to interview Yasmeen on the topic of Islamophobia and her views on it. I asked her about how she felt, what she thought caused it to spread, and what she thought could help the situation. She talked about how the media affected how society viewed Muslims. She talked about her personal experience and what she goes through every day. She told me her story, now it’s time for you to hear it.