Tarale Murry

Ikey Kohler, March 13, 2016
"I tell people faith in family. I felt like my faith was to stay for my family."
Tarale Murry

Introductory Profile: About Tarale Murry

My Interviewee’s name is Tarale Murry. He and his family are friends of good friends of ours. He was born in 1992. He grew up in San Antonio. He was a walk-on to the University of Texas basketball team. His family was the main reason why he decided to stay close to home and attend The University of Texas. He is a mentor to his eight younger siblings and helps provide for them. Tarale is tall, very nice, bright, and polite.

Some of the topics that were covered during the interview were what it was like to be a mentor to his eight younger siblings, what lessons he learned from this experience, and the impact it had on his life. Another topic we talked about was the reasons why his siblings look up to him. We also talked about some of the challenges of being a student athlete and helping provide for his family at the same time. We also discussed the impact his family had on his decision to go to Texas and the people that influenced Tarale growing up. Lastly, we discussed the life lessons Tarale learned from walking on to the UT basketball team and the impact this had on his life.