Blossom Steingraph

As Interviewed by Hayden P., April 24, 2016
"My father was conscious of doing good and being kind to people in the sense that if he did something wrong, then it will reflect on the Jewish people."
Blossom Steingraph

Introductory Profile: About Blossom Steingraph

I have known Blossom Steingraph all my life. She lived across the street from me and has been a family friend. She was born in 1935 in Boston. She went to Hebrew schools and colleges because her parents were Jewish and wanted her to learn about the religion. She went on to teach Hebrew school because she loved the religion and wanted to be able to pass down the knowledge to Jewish kids whose parents may not have known much about their religion. Blossom is a kind, friendly, and gentle person who is very patient with children. All of these personality traits made her an ideal teacher.

During the interview, we discussed the importance of teaching Judaism after the Holocaust, the customs involved with Judaism, and why she was so passionate about teaching Judaism to children. During the interview, Blossom was very relaxed and happy to relay her experiences because she loved her time teaching and being around children.

Overall Blossom took me through a through journey of what it was like in a Boston Jewish school classroom in the 1950s. After the interview I have a much better understanding of why passing along and celebrating traditions is important, particularly following periods of persecution or injustice.