Annabelle Trabanino

As Interviewed by Javi K., April 11, 2016
"We believed in our cause."
Annabelle Trabanino

Introductory Profile: About Annabelle Trabanino

My grandmother, Annabelle Trabanino, was born in El Salvador and experienced firsthand the Salvadoran civil war. She escaped the war and then came to America, where she found out how hard it could be being an immigrant even if your husband is a doctor and already has a job.

We talked about her time in El Salvador before and during the war. We then talked about first arriving in in America, how it was like being an immigrant. The tone of the interview was surprisingly cheerful as we were talking about a civil war and during the talk about being an immigrant, it was very humorous. Overall it was a very good interview and I learned a lot about my grandmother that I had not known before.