As Interviewed by Asahi Jige, March 20, 2016
"It was a very rough time in my life. Blood, bombs, and weapons flying all around the country, Japan. People starving to death and dying because of the war. It was a very hard time in my life."

Introductory Profile: About E.J.

I interviewed E.J. She is my dadís grandmother. She lives at the southern part of Japan called Kumamoto. She is living with her daughter (my dadís mom) right now, peacefully and calmly. She speaks Japanese and is a very smart person. It is fun talking to her about random things about life, food, school and other things. She is nice, calm, and very relaxed about everything. She does not get angry at all, but she is very talkative. She is a fun person to stay around and to talk with.

We talked about World War II, when she was a child. We talked about the life during the war, Pearl Harbor, and the two atomic bomb dropped on Japan. The interview was very heartbreaking, but the story was also very interesting. I was able to learn a lot of new thing about the war and the life she had. It was a really good experience for me.