James Fitzpatrick

Jessie Buchanan, April 22, 2016
"And the thing was is that they could shoot over the wall at you, but you couldn't shoot back to them because you know, you were a guest in their country."
James Fitzpatrick

Introductory Profile: About: James Fitzpatrick

The person that I am interviewing is my step-grandfather, James Fitzpatrick. He is an easy-going retired electrician, and I heard stories about how he used to be in the military from my step-dad. I got in touch with him and he seemed okay about doing the interview. I enjoyed learning about his time in the service.

James Fitzpatrick is a retired military electrician. On top of being an electrician in the military, he came back home to Manchester, Connecticut and continued that work as a career. He was stationed on the Wheelus Air Base in Tripoli, Libya. He was stationed there in 1956.

The interview had an overall theme of understanding.