Sandra Haley-Lichty

As Interviewed by Brynn Lampert, March 13,2017
"What shocked me the most was the behavior of ordinary people that were standing across the street protesting."
Sandra Haley-Lichty

Introductory Profile: About Sandra Haley-Lichty

My interviewee’s name is Sandra Haley-Lichty. I came to meet her through my grandma, to which Ms. Lichty is her cousin. Sandra currently lives in Benton, Arkansas and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. She attended the Little Rock School district, Central High School, then Arkansas University. After her graduation from college, she moved to Dallas and worked for a stock records company for 25 years until she started her own pet-sitting business.

In 1957, President Eisenhower enforced a law stating "No more segregation across schools in America". Sandra attended Central High in 1957 when Governor Faubus was ordered to allow nine black students to join the classes, due to Eisenhower’s new law. Throughout the interview Sandra explains what changes were made due to this law, how her life was affected, and the fake news involving this issue.