Robert McPartland

As Interviewed by Jake M, March 15th, 2017
"...The civilian population back in the states did not feel that the war was justified and were keen on letting those of us who were returning know how they felt."
Robert McPartland

Introductory Profile: Robert McPartland

Mr McPartland is my Great Uncle, so I already knew him well enough, but this interview was a great time to learn more about him and his past. As a calm and positive man, the interview did not ever get far too dark, but the interview was overall serious however upbeat.

Robert McPartland grew up on a farmstead in Ohio, alongside his several brothers and sisters. He was an avid explorer of the outdoors and a fan of hunting. He would go on to graduate high school, and a year of college, before answering the call of duty and joining the US Military, as a fighter pilot. He would be involved in many various things before being sent into the Vietnam war. After his involvement in the war had passed, he would go on to become a Corporal and even work at the Pentagon, however when the call to duty rang again, he would choose to settle down, moving to Austin, Texas and raising 3 children.