Robert "Bob" Williamson

As interviewed by Alex WIlliamson, March 11, 2017
"I looked back, and there was a mushroom cloud going up in the air. Hundreds and hundreds of feet, maybe thousands of feet in the air, near where the hooch was where my friends and I lived"

Introductory Profile: About Bob Williamson

Bob Williamson served in the 1st cavalry unit in the Vietnam war. He had been married for about a week when the orders came in that he had to go to vietnam.
The Vietnam war lasted from November 1st, 1995 to April 30th, 1975. The war was officially fought by North Vietnam and South Vietnam, but the US, as well as other countries were fighting on the South Vietnam side. These sides were the same as the sides fighting against each other in the cold war. This war was after the events of WWII.