O’neil Wiegele

As Interviewed by, Jackson Amy, March 16, 2017
"There was times when we didn't get the best of treatment but that is to be expected."
O’neil Wiegele

Introductory Profile: About O’neil Wiegele

My Interviewee’s name is O’neil Wiegele, He is my neighbor.I First met him when I was four when we moved into our neighborhood. He served in the korean war when he was drafted into the army and later selected for the honor guard around the time I knew him. He is an 89 year old man who is fairly tall and in good health for his age.
I interviewed him about his time in the army during the Korean War and his trip to Washington with the Honor Guard. The tone of the interview is somewhat all over the place but mostly more upbeat than sad. There was nothing about death or sad moments in the interview.
What he told me was very interesting and you really need to listen to the interview closely to understand how things felt. Everything he described was interesting, I am glad to present best parts of it to you.