Manuel Lopez

As Interviewed by Nafi B., March 15, 2017
"When the revolution came, we all supported Fidel Castro."
Manuel Lopez

Introductory Profile: About Manuel Lopez

My interviewee’s name is Manuel Lopez. I met when he moved to our neighborhood a couple years ago and we became friends. He is very friendly and adaptable. I always see Manny with a smile on his face. He currently is working as an industrial engineer. Manuel favorite hobby is mainly going outside and enjoying nature. Many times I would see Manny or his wife busy, gardening, walking their dog, or even watering the grass outside in their front yard. Manny also likes to play golf and he is an American football fan as well. A while back, I remembered that Manny was from Cuba, so I decided that it would be perfect opportunity for an interview.

In the interview, we talked about how life was in Cuba, what he did to leave Cuba, the struggles he faced, Manny’s parents, and Fidel Castro-Dictator of Cuba at that time. The tone of the interview was a little sad, then funny, then just normal. Me and Manny faced a lot of emotions during the interview, like when he would tell me a story that was a little sad, then he would break into a joke that made me laugh.

So overall, Manuel Lopez is great guy that had a great story for me to share. I enjoyed him talking about his life living in Cuba then coming over to America. I hope that you can enjoy it too.