Ellana Schwartz

As Interviewed by Rachel Maltz, March 16, 2011
"I have a world view: if everybody treated each other as they would like to be treated, the world would run more smoothly."
Ellana Schwartz

Introductory Profile: About Ellana Schwartz

I am interviewing Ellana Schwartz. Mrs. Schwartz answers quickly to questions and does not hesitate to speak her mind. Later in the interview, she adds a few unnecessary facts, but is overall very informed on women’s rights.

Ellana Schwartz wore a formal suit for the interview, and sat with her legs crossed and back straight, proud in her words of defiance against society. She had her hair tucked behind her ears and appeared very confident.

Mrs. Schwartz was born in Boston, Massachusetts November 10th, 1952. Her mother was born in America, her father from Russia. She was adopted and has worked as an educator in many states in New England, and is now retired. She married Thomas Schwartz in 1964 and has two children and four grandchildren.

The interviewee had a calm tone of voice that became stronger when talking about hardships that she has faced. She sat still with a poker face and was obviously very educated. Mrs. Schwartz was very polite and spoke of everything straight was, without backing down from the truth.

Ellana Schwartz is a very polite, professional and and educated individual. She sounds like a friendly, social and fun person to be with, while still being serious to get work done.