Christine S

As Interviewed by Lily H, March 19, 2017
"War does not solve anything, nothing. It just leaves a lot of sadness, and is not good."
Christine S

Introductory Profile: About Christine S

My interviewee is Christine S. She is a kind-hearted woman, who has seen lots of the world with her own eyes. Christine is my grandmother, on my mom’s side of my family. She was born in London, England in 1935. She was the second oldest of nine children, and had lots of responsibility taking care of her younger siblings. She soon moved to America to start a new life. Christine now has eleven children, and lives happily with her husband.

Christine has experienced one of the world’s most well-known historic events, World War II, and has immigrated to America, from England. In our interview, we discussed the process of immigrating to America, and some of her feelings and thoughts on coming to the United States and the United States in general. Also, we talked about life during World War II and how it has affected her, today. For me, it was very interesting to hear stories from someone who has had a firsthand experience with World War II and American immigration and can reflect back on it, today.

The overall feeling of this interview was much more serious and somewhat sad and dark, because of the heavy topics that we discussed. But, I still had a great time talking to my grandmother and getting to know her a little more.