Kari Ramachandran

As Interviewed by Jade M., March 15, 2017
"When it destroyed this place, what I thought would’ve been the natural area my children would’ve grown up in, I realized that this was serious and that I needed to look into what’s really going on. "
Kari Ramachandran

Introductory Profile: About Kari Ramachandran

My interviewee was Kari Ramachandran, a family friend. My mother is friends with her, and has been for several years, so naturally I got to know her. The education Kari has earned concerning the environment is a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife ecology from Texas A&M. She’s currently the founder of Develop Common Ground, which provides family-based developmental treatment for children with ASD. Kari is very passionate about her beliefs and opinions, and always wants to make a difference. She loves to help people and stays well informed politically. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons.

This interview covered Kari’s passion to preserve the environment. Kari was very open and had no problem expressing her concerns for the environment, and the wildlife and plantlife regarding it. She briefly explained her experiences involving the environment, and others’ thoughts around her. Overall, Kari was very inviting and I could hear her passion for this particular topic through every word she expressed. I enjoyed my time engaging in a conversation with my interviewee, and my hopes are that others take notice of the environment like she does.