Scott Urbach

As Interviewed by Audrey Urbach, March 14, 2017
"I think people take them for - take it for granted that theyíre not regular people and therefore they tend to superficially interact with them. So they might treat them like, just like people you canít have a regular conversation with, and thatís a big mistake."
Scott Urbach

Introductory Profile: About Scott Urbach

My interviewee, Scott Urbach, is my fatherís little brother. Iíve known him all my life and heís a wonderful uncle. Scott was born Dallas, where his parents, my grandparents, still live. He was born to a family with two brothers, making him the youngest in a family of five. His whole family (perhaps excluding Grandma) enjoyed sports. As a child, he had many dogs, and now as an adult, he has a boxer named Mingus.

Scott is a white male with dark brown hair. Itís probably safe to say that he isnít vertically challenged. Scott has traveled around the world and experienced many cultures and unique activities in places like Cuba and Thailand. When heís not working or travelling, he volunteers with Special Olympics, an organization that provides sports and other activities for intellectually challenged individuals of all ages. As a coach for a Special Olympics basketball team, he gets to work with all kinds of people.

During our interview, we discussed issues concerning disability rights and prejudice. We delved more deeply into the topic of the invisible wall between people with disabilities and people without; why people naturally treat people with disabilities differently than they would any other human being. It was amazing to hear about Scottís relationship with his athletes and his view on how other people treat those who are different from them.