Sandra Long

As Interviewed by Jack Long, March 9th, 2017
"She and her husband were black, lived in a black neighborhood and they were looking to buy a house... they would contact the real estate person and the real estate person would not show them the house"
Sandra Long

Introductory Profile: About Sandra Long

My interviewee and grandmother, Sandra Long, is a Seattle Native, now living in Buda, TX. We frequently see each other, and she grew up during the Civil Rights Movement, so I thought that she would be the perfect choice for the interview.

She is calm and collected, although she does not remember much about her early childhood in the 1950s. Shorter than most, yet still with a strong personality, she was an excellent interviewee about the Civil Rights Movement.

Born with a sister who was 15 years older than her who often advocated for civil rights, Sandra followed in her sisterís footsteps as a protestor and advocate.