Gloria Harrington

As Interviewed by Ayla Clem, March 18th, 2017
"It's still, at my age, it's still hard to comprehend such hatred."
Gloria Harrington

Introductory Profile: About Gloria Harrington

The person I chose to interview is Gloria Harrington. She is a black female, who was growing up during the Civil Rights Movement. Gloria and I have known each other for a long time, because she is my grandmother. She usually is very happy, cheerful, and all-around pleasant person to be around. Gloria’s very friendly to people and is able to make plenty of friends who appreciate Gloria for herself. Although she was growing up in this time period, Gloria has done some research on the topic, because she was very young while the Civil Rights Movement was going on and wasn’t affected immensely as others were.

Gloria wasn’t affected as much as others were, because she lived in a small town called Wellsville in Missouri. Because it was a small town, people were able to get along better than people in bigger towns/cities. The town was also in northern Missouri, were segregation wasn’t as violent. Gloria, as she said, had a pretty good childhood compared to the others in the south.

Gloria and I talked about what her childhood was like growing up in this time, what she saw happening to others, what she’s learned from her research, what she thinks about this issue, and how it's affected the way life is now. Gloria expressed how this entire event has shocked her, but that she thinks this was a vital time in history.

It could be seen as lucky, because she got to experience such a vital time in history and wasn't effected as badly as others, or as unlucky, because she was the victim throughout the movement, to have grown up in such a time. Join me as I interview Gloria Harrington about her perspective on the Civil Rights Movement.