Rosy Leigh

As Interviewed by AJ L., March 18, 2017
"Many of my pupils died during the war, when they went on the protests against the government, they were shot point blank. It was very sad to see them dying."
Rosy Leigh

Introductory Profile: About Rosy Leigh

Rosy Leigh is my grandmother. She was born in Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma) and lived in the capital, Yangon (Rangoon) for most of her time in Myanmar (Burma). She has 4 sisters, and had 4 brothers. She also has 2 sons, and 2 daughters. Rosy was a teacher in Myanmar (Burma) and her husband worked for a shipping company, and later worked for Continental Airlines. After she retired from teaching she ran a timber export business. She immigrated to the U.S.A with her family in May, 1980 and now lives in Houston.

During the interview she talks about her life in Myanmar (Burma) during World War Two. She was discriminated in Myanmar (Burma) because she was Chinese, even though she was a citizen of Myanmar. Also she talks about the ruling of the military government, and non-democratic leaders.

Rosy Leigh is good-natured yet hardened by war and hard work. She has curly gray hair and glasses. I interviewed her in a calm upstairs room of a house. She believes the government will be better and will live her life in the U.S.A.